MWWL-ALL-STAR-LOGO-2000The 2000 Mid-West Winter League All-Star Game was held on Saturday Night, November 11th, 2000 in the home of the Hampton Huskies.

“Special. recognition is given here to Brandon Hogan for taking on the past All-Star Games Project as he has helped out playing these and catching up not only with the MWWL but also with some past MWBL All-Star Games.   Thank you very much Brandon for helping out with these projects.  I hope you enjoy the Mid-West Winter & Mid-West Baseball League as much as we have the past 25 Years!”

The century has turned over to 2000 and it is that time again for the best of the best of the MWWL to face off in the annual All-Star game. This year the N.L. were our gracious hosts. But just like the 1990s, the N.L. has decided that Randy Johnson will get the start. We’ve seen over the year that it has not worked out well, he might be the best pitcher in the N.L. but maybe let’s move him to a different inning? On the flip side, the A.L. started the ridiculous Pedro Martinez. No big deal, he only went 26-3 with a 1.62 ERA while facing the best hitters to ever grace this league. Let’s turn to the actual game.

Obviously, we have to talk about whether Johnson had a successful inning or not. Success is relative to most but in this case, putting up a 0 is enough. Darin Erstad led the game off with a single but decided to press his luck by stretching it into a double…WHAMMY! Bobby Abreu throws him out from center. Gary Sheffield followed with a walk which was followed by a Barry Bonds flyout. IS HE GOING TO DO IT? Carlos Delgado the double king, rips one to right and puts runners on the corners. Alex Rodriguez stepped up and quickly sat back down after a fielder’s choice to short. 0 runs! That should just count as a win in the totals for the N.L.

Pedro had no issues on the bump as he went 2 scoreless with 2 strikeouts and yielded just 1 hit, a Manny Ramirez single. We were scoreless heading to the 3rd when the N.L. called on Rick Reed to get some action and boy, did he. Ivan Rodriguez led off with a walk which was followed by a Darin Erstad double. 2nd and 3rd with no one out. Gary Sheffield received his 2nd walk in 3 innings and just like that bases loaded with 0 gone. The N.L. quickly adjusted the game plan and brought in Mike Hampton to face Barry Bonds. I mean you walk the run in, right? Negative, he gets a pitch and laces one to the wall, way back and there is just enough space for Richard Hidalgo to save a disaster hit for the N.L. with a catch up against the wall.  Pudge scored on the sacrifice fly, 1-0 A.L.  The scary bats kept coming as Carlos Delgado stepped up and got himself the biggest hit of the night, a 2-run double to make it 3-0 with only 1 out. The trouble stopped there though for the N.L. and we headed to the bottom half with the A.L. in the lead 3-0.

The middle innings were like an art film, long, boring, and with no action until the bottom of the 6th. Deivi Cruz came in to lead the inning off against Aaron Sele, pinch-hitting for Derek Jeter. It was a great call as Cruz got on with a double which he hit to right, and went on Bond’s weak arm. After a Jose Vidro flyout, Jorge Posada gets Cruz home with a double of his own to make it 3-1 A.L.  Unfortunately for the N.L., this would be the only time they have a runner touch home plate.

Flipping the game to the top of the 7th the N.L. brought in Derek Lowe and he was greeted very nicely with a quick single by Andruw Jones. After getting the next two they turned to the pen again and brought in Greg Swindell to face Bonds. The Lefty/Lefty matchup doesn’t matter when this Bonds guy is batting. He takes a jam shot down the right field line and got himself an RBI double. 4-1 A.L..

This is how the game would end as the A.L. just started rotating in relievers for a batter and kept the N.L. off balance as they headed for the 9th.  Mariano Rivera came in to start the 9th inning for the A.L. & after a walk to Jim Thome and a single by Larry or um Chipper Jones himself it wouldn’t matter as Mo just slammed the door shut. Just another top-notch performance by the A.L. who have now taken 4 All-Star games in a row. Carlos Delgado earned himself MVP honors going 2/2 with a double and 2 RBI.

Carlos_Delgado00FINAL SCORE: American League 4 – National League 1

ALL-TIME RECORD: American League 24 – National. League 7

2000 ALL-STAR GAME MVP – Carlos Delgado – who went 2/2 with a Double & 2 RBIs.
He earned his first All-Star game MVP.



2001 MWWL
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